Hey! This is Philip Choudhury

    • I am a self proclaimed InfoSec kid. My work mostly involves with Computer Software, Hardware, Networks and anything that involves Connections.
    • I admire tech stuff, you can find the same on this website. I’m a great fan of Open Source Softwares, love to beta test them and give feedback to the Developers.
    • I have a keen interest in contributing to Open Source Development. Though it won’t be financially rewarding is worth the satisfaction.
    • In the beginning days, I created a page on Facebook a.k.a. VPC where I gave tips on how to make good use of the Internet and answered user’s technology related questions. I soon started this website where I wrote various technology related articles. Personally, there was a hidden passion in order to have a platform where I can share many things related to Information Technology and its bad aspects, where I could share how people get distracted by many scams which are present on the Internet and eventually get hacked, where I may produce a sense of wisdom that how a hacker is able to hack your Internet online presence which is mostly secured by passwords and I wanted to show many ways like, how a hacker may get into your accounts, your computer must not be vulnerable to most known threats, your own sites must be secured etc. In fact, I wanted to share generalised knowledge too which may make your daily use of a computer easier and Yes… I am doing this for my readers who are listening to me with the help of this platform.

This website is just my hobby, by profession, I’m an Information Security Engineer.

But at last
I believe in simplicity and high thinking…..